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who we are? ATL is a limited company which has recruited the best experienced agents and is run  experienced consultants who have established themselves in the Singapore education market working with many top universities and language schools.

All of our staff have come from either working independently as agents or worked for other agencies in the Singapore and another countries.

The core of our business is to introduce our Vietnamese students to Singapore and other worldwide destinations which include, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and China to study at a University or a Language School.

With our supporting staffs who is living in Singapore, NZ, Japan…we can provide face-to-face support for students and also support students in their home countries.

Our office is led by a  business development manager who has worked with a lots schools in Singapore,America, NZ… and universities across the world  for many years. Coming from a recruitment background, we provide the relationship building skills needed to maintain high standards when working with students, representatives and businesses.


We will be recognized as the leader in delivering employment, education settlement and language services in the communities we serve.


Education: ATL will offer high quality, cost-effective and relevant courses to meet the needs of our clients.

Employment: Our professional team will provide the appropriate resources, skills and opportunities which empower people to achieve their potential

Địa chỉ

Viet Nam add : 14/13/45 Than Nhan Trung St, W.13, Tan Binh District, HCMC, Viet Nam

Singapore add 1 : #243 – 02 Block 83, Macpherson Lane Singapore 360083

Singapore add 2 : #352 – 03, Block 358, Hougang Ave 5, Singapore 530358


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